procd: Replace strerror(errno) with %m.
[project/procd.git] / jail / seccomp.h
2017-09-28 Michal Sojkapreload-seccomp: Use proper log level for error messages
2015-11-27 Etienne CHAMPETIERujail: add <stdio.h> and <syslog.h> to seccomp.h
2015-11-27 Etienne CHAMPETIERujail: put #include guard macro in all *.h
2015-11-07 Ulrich Webersyslog: set sane priority values
2015-10-03 Etienne CHAMPETIERjail, seccomp: fix typo/improve log prefix
2015-03-23 John Crispinadd initial version of ujail and utrace