init: reduce delay after starting kmodloader
[project/procd.git] / initd / early.c
2016-02-08 Jo-Philipp Wichinitd: allow overriding early PATH through build time...
2016-01-14 Jo-Philipp WichAlign early init PATH with system wide OpenWrt path...
2015-10-25 Daniel Golleexplicitely ignore return value of symlink(3) call
2015-10-03 Etienne CHAMPETIERAdd MS_NODEV MS_NOEXEC MS_NOSUID mount options where...
2015-09-15 Daniel Gimpelevichmove /dev/shm to /tmp/shm
2015-06-18 Daniel Gimpelevichfix /dev/shm permissions, this time for real
2015-06-17 Daniel Gimpelevichfix /dev/shm permissions
2015-05-22 John Crispinremove ->
2015-03-28 John Crispinproperly handle return codes
2015-02-25 Jo-Philipp WichConvert log calls to ulog() api
2014-12-02 John Crispinprevious commit accidentiall dropped the cgroup mount
2014-12-02 John Crispinadd support for zram compressed tmpfs
2014-11-14 Luka Perkovinitd: mount cgroup
2014-10-06 John CrispinFix scroll lock blocking procd
2013-11-15 John Crispindebloat and reorganize code