ndp: reintroduce address replay
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2015-07-14 Steven Barthndp: reintroduce address replay
2015-07-14 Steven BarthRemove unsolicited unicast RAs, adjust intervals
2015-07-14 Steven Barthndp: fixup relay
2015-07-13 Steven Barthndp: remove bindtodevice workaround
2015-07-13 Steven Barthodhcpd: remove old workaround
2015-07-13 Steven Barthndp: fixup route replication
2015-07-13 Steven Barthrouter: only send RAs to neighbors if unsolicited
2015-07-13 Steven Barthrouter: only send direct RAs to link-local addresses
2015-07-07 Steven Barthmain: fix missing parameter while iterating neighbors
2015-07-07 Steven Barthrouter: also send RAs to every known neighbor
2015-07-07 Steven Barthndp: replay on-link routes instead of address assignments
2015-06-30 Steven Barthra: keep alive neighbor entries so we can send unicast...
2015-05-21 Steven Barthdhcpv6: fix typo
2015-05-13 Steven Barthdhcpv6-pd: ignore /64 on interface
2015-05-11 Steven Barthdhcpv4: remove invalid free()
2015-04-21 Steven Barthconfig: fix typo in reload_cb
2015-04-20 Steven Barthdhcpv6: don't initialize IA-handing when turning down...
2015-04-20 Steven Barthremove leftover fallout from prefix class support
2015-04-14 Steven BarthFix logic inversion
2015-04-14 Steven BarthFix potential invalid memory access
2015-04-10 Steven Barthra: always send current hop limit
2015-04-06 Steven Barthdhcpv6: fix handling of infinite lifetimes
2015-03-30 John Crispinproperly handle return codes
2015-03-30 Steven Barthdhcpv6: fix default assignment of non-64
2015-03-30 Steven Barthdhcpv6: prefer ula over other globals
2015-03-30 Steven BarthReadd missing ubus function definitions
2015-03-29 Steven BarthFix hostname export
2015-03-29 Steven BarthRemove prefix coloring support, refine hybrid managemen...
2015-03-29 Felix Fietkauodhcpd: use proper struct msghdr initializers to fix...
2015-03-02 Steven BarthMerge pull request #36 from fingon/compile-fix
2015-02-23 Markus StenbergDHCPv4: Compile fix on 64bit Debian.
2015-02-19 Steven BarthMerge pull request #29 from mehlis/rework-dhcpv4_assign
2014-11-06 Steven BarthDHCPv6: enable flash-renumbering hack only for /64...
2014-10-30 sbyxMerge pull request #30 from dedeckeh/bugfixes
2014-10-30 Hans DedeckerFix IPv6 DNS server adddress selection
2014-10-22 Christian Mehlisdhcpv4_assign: rework the assignment logic
2014-10-21 sbyxMerge pull request #28 from mehlis/dhcpv4_assign-clarify
2014-10-21 Christian Mehlisdhcpv4_assign: try 100 times to find a IP
2014-10-18 Steven Barthdhcpv6: fix calculation of T1 and T2
2014-10-17 Steven Barthndp: more fixes
2014-10-17 Steven Barthndp: fix proxying behavior
2014-10-17 Steven Barthndp: fix proc-setting
2014-10-16 Steven Barthdhcpv6: allow flash renumbering in hybrid management...
2014-10-16 Steven BarthBegin rewrite of NDP-relay
2014-10-16 Steven Barthrouter: add support for router address
2014-10-16 Steven Barthrouter: unicast RAs to RS senders by default
2014-09-25 Steven Barthconfig: remove spurious free() call
2014-08-23 Steven Barthodhcpd: don't kill static lease entries
2014-08-19 Steven Barthdhcpv4: fix manual dhcp-ranges
2014-08-19 Steven BarthFix compilation errors in last commit
2014-08-19 Steven Barthdhcpv6-ia: add logging
2014-08-19 sbyxMerge pull request #23 from mehlis/nak-to-broadcast
2014-08-18 Christian Mehlisdhcpv4: log reply in a more precise way
2014-08-18 Christian Mehlisdhcpv4: send NAK to broacast address
2014-08-18 Christian Mehlisdhcpv4: added more comments
2014-08-13 Steven BarthPD: don't consider deprecated assigned prefixes when...
2014-08-12 sbyxMerge pull request #22 from mehlis/log-dhcp4-events
2014-08-12 sbyxMerge pull request #21 from mehlis/fix-nak-by-doing...
2014-08-12 Christian Mehlisdhcpv4: offer a valid configuration with DHCP NAK
2014-08-12 sbyxMerge pull request #20 from mehlis/implement-dhcp4...
2014-08-12 Christian Mehlisdhcpv4: implement router configuration option
2014-08-12 Christian Mehlisdhcpv4: log requests and replies to syslog
2014-08-08 Steven BarthMake failed to send a notice instead of a warning
2014-08-08 Steven BarthAdd host-entries for all IPv6 addresses
2014-08-07 Steven Barthsync hostfile more often
2014-08-07 Steven Barthra: don't send MSR for /64 prefix if DP is /64 as well
2014-07-23 Steven BarthDon't loose routes in managed PD
2014-07-22 Steven BarthRevert "rewrite of NDP proxy" for now
2014-07-21 Steven BarthFix typo in ubus integration
2014-07-17 Steven BarthFix compilation
2014-07-17 Steven BarthAdd missing NDP sync features
2014-07-16 Steven BarthInitial rewrite of NDP proxy
2014-07-14 Steven Barthodhcpd: only enable packet socket if really needed
2014-07-02 sbyxMerge pull request #18 from dedeckeh/bugfixes
2014-07-01 Hans DedeckerReplace option sol_max_rt by inf_max_rt in reply respon...
2014-07-01 Hans DedeckerDHCPv6 destination address check
2014-07-01 Steven BarthDHCPv4: send DHCPNAK if requested addr != leased addr
2014-07-01 sbyxMerge pull request #17 from mar-kolya/master
2014-07-01 Nikolay Martynovleasefile: do not output expired dhcpv6 leases
2014-06-30 Steven BarthFixes compile error with musl
2014-06-18 Steven BarthFix DHCPv4 static leases (thanks arnd)
2014-06-17 Steven Barthuse leaetime as base for T1 and T2 upper bound
2014-06-17 Steven Barthbackup for notonlink
2014-06-17 Steven BarthMake hostid more convenient
2014-06-17 Steven Barthdhcpv6: send NotOnLink status on global level
2014-06-16 Steven Barthadd more consistency to host file writing
2014-06-16 Steven Barthdhcpv4: update hostfile more often
2014-06-16 Steven BarthFix option id for hostnames
2014-06-15 Steven Barthconfig: accept domains with trailing .
2014-06-12 Steven Barthdhcpv4: use search domain instead of domain option
2014-06-10 Steven BarthFix DHCP settings for /28
2014-06-10 sbyxMerge pull request #14 from dedeckeh/bugfixes
2014-06-09 Hans DedeckerFix DHCPv6 relay reply message in case raw DHCPv6 attri...
2014-06-07 Steven BarthAdd default DHCPv4 range for prefixes down to /28
2014-05-30 Steven BarthMake filtering customizable
2014-05-29 Steven BarthMove dhcpv6 raw attributes to correct place
2014-05-25 Steven BarthAdd support for raw DHCPv6 attributes
2014-04-24 sbyxMerge pull request #13 from dedeckeh/bugfixes
2014-04-23 Hans DedeckerAdd status code ok option in reply to a decline message
2014-04-23 Hans DedeckerDon't return a DHCPv6 reply in response to a confirm...