ubus: display accept reconf status for DHCPv6 assignments
[project/odhcpd.git] / src / ndp.c
2017-09-06 Hans Dedeckertreewide: replace RELAYD prefix naming in macros
2017-08-16 Hans Dedeckerndp: use IPv4 address list when comparing IPv4 addresses
2017-08-07 Hans Dedeckertreewide: rework IPv4 address logic
2017-07-04 Hans Dedeckerndp: optimize check_addr6_updates code
2017-07-04 Hans Dedeckerndp: fix syslog tracing for netlink neigbor and address...
2017-07-03 Hans Dedeckertreewide: rework logic to retrieve IPv6 interface addresses
2017-06-29 Hans Dedeckertreewide: rework code to get rid of fixed IPv6 address...
2017-05-04 Felix Fietkaundp.c: add switch/case fallthrough comments
2017-04-28 Hans Dedeckerndp: don't trigger IPv6 ping when neighbor entry is...
2017-04-28 Hans Dedeckerndp: fix adding proxy neighbor entries
2017-04-27 Hans Dedeckerndp: fix wrong interface name in syslog message
2017-03-29 Hans Dedeckerndp: keep an exact copy of IPv6 interface addresses
2017-03-29 Hans Dedeckerndp: code cleanup
2017-03-29 Hans Dedeckerrework IPv6 address dump logic
2017-03-13 Hans Dedeckerndp: add syslog debug tracing
2017-02-10 Hans Dedeckertreewide: define and use macro IN6_IS_ADDR_ULA
2017-02-10 Hans Dedeckerndp: deregister netlink event socket for non recoverabl...
2017-02-09 Hans Dedeckerndp: harden netlink event socket error handling
2017-02-09 Hans Dedeckerndp: close proc file descriptor also during error handling
2017-02-09 Hans Dedeckernpd: rework IPv6 relay logic (FS#396)
2017-01-31 Hans Dedeckerodhcpd: properly handle netlink messages (FS#388)
2017-01-23 Hans Dedeckertreewide: rework prio of syslog messages
2017-01-23 Hans Dedeckerndp: code cleanup
2017-01-21 Hans Dedeckerrouter: add syslog debug tracing for trouble shooting
2017-01-21 Hans Dedeckertreewide: use RELAYD_MAX_ADDRS as address array size
2017-01-21 Hans Dedeckerndp: don't scan netlink attributes in case of netlink...
2015-11-16 Steven BarthHandle netlink ENOBUFS events
2015-08-20 Steven BarthMerge pull request #46 from stargieg/master
2015-07-27 Steven Barthra/dhcpv6: unify address change handling
2015-07-14 Steven Barthndp: reintroduce address replay
2015-07-14 Steven BarthRemove unsolicited unicast RAs, adjust intervals
2015-07-14 Steven Barthndp: fixup relay
2015-07-13 Steven Barthndp: remove bindtodevice workaround
2015-07-13 Steven Barthndp: fixup route replication
2015-07-07 Steven Barthrouter: also send RAs to every known neighbor
2015-07-07 Steven Barthndp: replay on-link routes instead of address assignments
2015-06-30 Steven Barthra: keep alive neighbor entries so we can send unicast...
2015-03-30 John Crispinproperly handle return codes
2014-10-17 Steven Barthndp: more fixes
2014-10-17 Steven Barthndp: fix proxying behavior
2014-10-17 Steven Barthndp: fix proc-setting
2014-10-16 Steven BarthBegin rewrite of NDP-relay
2014-07-22 Steven BarthRevert "rewrite of NDP proxy" for now
2014-07-17 Steven BarthFix compilation
2014-07-17 Steven BarthAdd missing NDP sync features
2014-07-16 Steven BarthInitial rewrite of NDP proxy
2014-07-14 Steven Barthodhcpd: only enable packet socket if really needed
2014-07-02 sbyxMerge pull request #18 from dedeckeh/bugfixes
2014-07-01 Hans DedeckerDHCPv6 destination address check
2014-03-20 Steven BarthDon't segfault when there is no IPv6 support
2014-02-25 Hans DedeckerFix parsing of static ndp entries
2014-02-17 Steven BarthAdd support for (managed) prefixes of length 65-96
2014-01-23 Hans DedeckerMerge remote branch 'upstream/master' into bugfixes
2014-01-17 Steven BarthDon't enable relay master if no slaves are present
2013-12-31 Steven Barthndp: Enable ping6 keep-alive
2013-12-10 Steven BarthMerge branch 'master' of github.com:sbyx/odhcpd
2013-12-05 sbyxMerge pull request #3 from dedeckeh/master
2013-12-05 Hans DedeckerFix possible SEGFAULT conditions
2013-10-14 Steven BarthInitial commit