Reorder alfabetically device type matching as they are growing in number
[project/netifd.git] / config.c
2014-06-11 Gioacchino MazzurcoReorder alfabetically device type matching as they...
2014-06-11 Gioacchino MazzurcoAdd vlan 802.1q/802.1ad support as netifd devices
2014-04-21 Felix Fietkauconfig: add support for disabling interfaces
2014-03-31 Felix Fietkauconfig: ignore config parser errors
2014-03-19 Matthias Schifferuci: Allow setting the UCI config path on the command...
2013-11-30 Felix Fietkauwireless: show the virtual interface section name in...
2013-11-29 Felix Fietkauadd initial support for handling wireless devices via...
2013-10-19 Felix Fietkauinterface: rework code to get rid of arbitrary IFNAMSIZ...
2013-10-19 Felix Fietkauinterface: remove "dynamic" argument for interface_init...
2013-10-17 Steven BarthAdd ubus function to create nested interfaces
2013-10-03 Felix Fietkaudevice: add macvlan support
2013-06-10 Felix Fietkauconfig: use the new uci_blob library code
2013-06-10 Felix Fietkauconfig: replace config_memdup with blob_memdup from...
2013-04-04 Jo-Philipp WichAdd support for ip rules
2013-04-03 Steven BarthRewrite IPv6 prefix assignment
2013-01-15 Steven BarthInitial IPv6 prefix support
2012-10-19 Felix Fietkaufree unused devices after cleaning up interfaces to...
2012-07-12 Felix Fietkauadd simple device config params to interface blob attri...
2012-05-23 Felix Fietkauadd interface alias support
2012-05-04 Felix Fietkauadd copyright headers
2012-03-14 Felix Fietkauparse tunnel devices from config
2012-02-02 Felix Fietkauupdate the interface list version on config reload...
2011-12-04 Felix Fietkaufix use-after-free on config reload
2011-11-08 Felix Fietkaudo not hardcode config package in config_init_package()
2011-10-19 Felix Fietkauadd support for configuring static routes
2011-10-19 Felix Fietkauminor cleanup
2011-10-19 Felix Fietkaurename config_init_interfaces to config_init_all
2011-10-19 Felix Fietkauremove the argument to config_init_interfaces
2011-10-19 Felix Fietkaurework device hotplug handling some more, add device_lo...
2011-10-18 Felix Fietkauapply device settings to simple devices with config...
2011-10-07 Steven Barthconfig: remove unused variable (fix cc error)
2011-10-06 Felix Fietkauonly free unused devices after the final config init
2011-10-05 Felix Fietkauprevent deletion devices that are part of the current...
2011-10-05 Felix Fietkaurename a variable for clarity
2011-10-05 Felix Fietkauadd better debug messages for interface create/remove...
2011-10-04 Felix Fietkaurework debugging code, add debugging levels
2011-10-03 Felix Fietkaudo not memcmp padding bytes in config_diff
2011-10-02 Felix Fietkaumore changes for config reload handling
2011-10-02 Felix Fietkauadd functions for checking for config differences
2011-10-02 Felix Fietkauforce the uci savedir for the dummy variant
2011-10-02 Felix Fietkauuse a common function for creating devices that avoids...
2011-10-02 Felix Fietkaumanage interfaces via vlist
2011-10-02 Felix Fietkauonly override the uci conf dir in dummy mode
2011-09-07 Felix Fietkaumove more stuff out of netifd.h
2011-09-05 Felix Fietkaumake config_init_devices static
2011-09-05 Felix Fietkauconstify
2011-09-05 Felix Fietkauadd config state tracking
2011-09-05 Felix Fietkauimprove interface for cleaning up unused devices
2011-09-04 Felix Fietkauremove the uci dependency from protocol handlers
2011-09-04 Felix Fietkaufix compiler warnings
2011-09-04 Felix Fietkautrigger proto attach from config.c
2011-09-04 Felix Fietkaumake bridge configuration more dynamic
2011-07-29 Felix Fietkauadd support for multiple config_param_list::next pointers
2011-07-29 Felix Fietkaus/config_device_inits/config_init_devices/
2011-07-29 Felix Fietkaus/alloc_interface/interface_alloc/
2011-07-29 Felix Fietkaus/start_pending_interfaces/interface_start_pending/
2011-07-29 Felix Fietkaus/init_device/device_init/
2011-07-29 Felix Fietkaus/cleanup_devices/device_free_all/
2011-07-29 Felix Fietkauuse uci_to_blob for creating devices
2011-07-29 Felix Fietkauimplement uci-to-blobmsg conversion as an abstraction...
2011-04-13 Felix Fietkauadd some infrastructure code for proto handlers
2011-04-05 Felix Fietkaumake uci_network static
2011-04-05 Felix Fietkauadd code for cleaning up unused devices mentioned in...
2011-04-05 Felix Fietkauadd some configuration code for interfaces, bind interf...
2011-04-05 Felix Fietkauadd low level configuration for devices
2011-04-05 Felix Fietkauprevent autostart of interfaces during config init
2011-03-29 Felix Fietkaurework includes
2011-03-27 Felix FietkauInitial import