fix potential buffer overflow when txt records are forged
[project/mdnsd.git] / service.c
2014-06-25 Felix Fietkauservice.c: remove unused service_attr_list
2014-06-09 Felix Fietkauclean up hostname handling, make service_name() static
2014-06-09 Felix Fietkaufix excessive stack usage
2014-06-09 Felix Fietkauservice: simplify and remove more code duplication
2014-06-09 Felix Fietkauservice: get rid of some code duplication
2014-06-09 Felix Fietkauservice: free the blob_buf on exit
2014-06-09 Felix Fietkaustore ip address as struct in_addr instead of a string
2014-06-09 Felix Fietkauuse struct interface internally instead of struct uloop_fd
2014-06-09 Felix Fietkauinitial code refactoring to prepare for adding dynamic...
2014-06-05 Felix Fietkauservice: convert to vlist
2014-06-03 Felix Fietkauservice: constify struct service fields
2014-06-03 Felix Fietkauservice: constify function arguments
2014-06-03 Felix Fietkauservice: make the service txt field const uint8_t to...
2014-06-03 Felix Fietkauservice: get rid of extra useless malloc for txt data
2014-06-03 Felix Fietkauservice: use calloc instead of malloc+memset
2014-03-17 John Crispinimport v0.1