contrib/community-profiles/augsburg: remove openwifimap
[project/luci.git] / contrib /
2015-02-25 Manuel Munzcontrib/community-profiles/augsburg: remove openwifimap
2015-02-25 somacontrib/meshwizard: add madwifi iface options if needed
2015-02-25 somacontrib/freifunk-common: fix wifi device and iface...
2015-02-20 Manuel MunzMerge pull request #328 from chris5560/master-pending-1
2015-02-18 Manuel MunzMerge pull request #330 from Maltis/patch-1
2015-02-18 MaltisDelete profile_neuss 330/head
2015-02-18 Manuel MunzMerge pull request #329 from yayachiken/master
2015-02-18 David KolossaRemoved outdated information for Freifunk Aachen 329/head
2015-02-08 Jo-Philipp WichMerge pull request #302 from chris5560/master
2015-02-08 Jo-Philipp WichMerge pull request #305 from nmav/compression
2015-01-28 Jo-Philipp WichRemove outdated luadoc from contrib
2015-01-16 Jo-Philipp WichUpdate my email addresses in the license headers
2015-01-08 Jo-Philipp Wichcontrib: remove abandonned projects
2015-01-08 Jo-Philipp WichRemove obsolete ipkg directories
2015-01-08 Jo-Philipp Wichcontrib: remove obsolete luci package definitions
2015-01-05 Jo-Philipp WichMerge pull request #278 from nmav/ocserv
2015-01-05 Jo-Philipp WichMerge pull request #264 from thess/mjpg-streamer
2014-12-25 Manuel MunzMerge pull request #271 from FreifunkUFO/master
2014-12-24 FreifunkUFOdetails 31c3 271/head
2014-12-24 FreifunkUFOnew profile for 31c3
2014-12-18 Manuel MunzMerge pull request #267 from n3ph/master
2014-12-17 n3phUpdate profile_freiburg 267/head
2014-12-17 n3phCreate profile_freiburg 266/head
2014-12-09 Ted Hessluci-app-mjpg-streamer: Add new module for mjpg-streame... 264/head
2014-11-04 Jo-Philipp Wichcontrib: move luci-app-ocserv to luci-addons, fix recus...
2014-10-30 Jo-Philipp WichMerge pull request #242 from openwrt-es/luci-shairport
2014-10-30 Álvaro Fernández... applications/luci-shairport: add new package. 242/head
2014-10-29 Jo-Philipp WichMerge pull request #226 from nmav/openconnect
2014-10-29 Jo-Philipp WichMerge pull request #236 from openwrt-es/luci-next
2014-10-29 Jo-Philipp WichMerge pull request #237 from openwrt-es/luci-next2
2014-10-29 Jo-Philipp WichMerge pull request #238 from openwrt-es/luci-next3
2014-10-28 Álvaro Fernández... applications/luci-dump1090: add new package. 238/head
2014-10-28 Álvaro Fernández... applications/luci-udpxy: add new package. 237/head
2014-10-28 Álvaro Fernández... applications/luci-shairplay: add new package. 236/head
2014-10-20 Nikos Mavrogiannop... Added luci configuration for openconnect protocol 226/head
2014-10-20 Nikos Mavrogiannop... Added luci configuration for ocserv
2014-10-19 Manuel MunzMerge pull request #230 from hubx/master
2014-10-19 Hubert HesseFreifunk: correct bbsid in Potsdam on channel 5 230/head
2014-10-17 Manuel MunzMerge pull request #229 from cholin/bug/gwcheck_jshn
2014-10-17 Nico Geysofixes missing imports for gwcheck 229/head
2014-10-14 Jo-Philipp WichMerge pull request #228 from FreifunkUFO/master
2014-10-14 FreifunkUFOpackage/community-profiles: fix netmask for freifunk... 228/head
2014-10-11 Jo-Philipp WichMerge pull request #223 from chris5560/master
2014-10-11 Jo-Philipp WichMerge pull request #222 from iXit/master
2014-10-11 Jo-Philipp WichMerge pull request #220 from Wedmer/openvpnfix_dtfix_wa...
2014-10-10 Vladimir UlrichUpdated openvpn app to work with current openvpn package
2014-09-11 Manuel Munzcontrib/community-profiles: add two RtTable parameters...
2014-08-24 Manuel Munzcontrib/community-profiles: Add namservers for berlin...
2014-08-09 Manuel Munzcontrib/freifunk-policyrouting: use olsrd and olsrd6...
2014-08-09 Manuel Munzfreifunk/community-profiles: remove mainz
2014-08-08 Manuel Munzcontrib/meshwizard: add support for setting up qos...
2014-08-08 Manuel Munzcontrib/meshwizard: use seperate config files for olsrd...
2014-07-31 Manuel Munzfix syntax error introduced in r10464
2014-07-30 Patrick Grimmmeshwizard: add option addchannelbefore
2014-07-30 Patrick Grimmcommunity-profiles: add 02:CA:FF:EE:BA:BE for channel...
2014-07-30 Matthias Ufererolsr watchdog also for renamed pid file (ipv4) https...
2014-07-30 Matthias Ufererfreifunk berlin settings
2014-06-30 Jo-Philipp Wichmodules/admin-full: rework luci-bwc/libiwinfo integration
2014-06-30 Matthias Ufererchange network mask for olsr interfaces to 255.255...
2014-06-16 Matthias Ufererchange profile leipzig: netmask from /8 to /32
2014-06-12 Jo-Philipp Wichcontrib: squash two more recursive dependencies
2014-06-12 Jo-Philipp Wichcontrib: select asterisk18 explicitely luci-app-pbx...
2014-06-11 Jo-Philipp Wichcontrib: make luci meta package depend on luci-lib...
2014-06-11 Jo-Philipp Wichcontrib: remove recursive deps between theme-bootstrap...
2014-06-11 Jo-Philipp Wichbuild: introduce luci-base
2014-06-11 Jo-Philipp WichRemove remaining references to boa and lucid
2014-06-11 Jo-Philipp WichRemove unmaintained components: lucid, fastindex, niu
2014-06-11 Jo-Philipp Wichbuild: split into luci and luci-addons packages
2014-06-05 Matthias Ufererswitch freifunk leipzig and gadow from 104.61/16 to...
2014-04-24 Jo-Philipp Wichcontrib: prefer libustream-polarssl for luci-ssl (...
2014-04-23 Jo-Philipp WichRevert "modules/freifunk: don't drop priveleges for...
2014-04-23 Jo-Philipp Wichmodules/freifunk: don't drop priveleges for OLSR status...
2014-04-19 Matthias Ufererdisable ip6 for weil profile
2014-04-19 Matthias Uferersuffix added
2014-04-19 Matthias Ufererchange weil profile (less packages, wifi ch 10)
2014-04-19 Matthias UfererProfile Weil-am-Rhein added
2014-04-19 Manuel Munzcontrib/community-profiles: Add demo profile for testin...
2014-04-18 Matthias Uferercopy l59 to demo
2014-04-18 Matthias Ufererchange ssid
2014-03-29 Jo-Philipp Wichcontrib: add Build/Prepare/Default hook to Makefile...
2014-03-11 Jo-Philipp Wichcontrib: disable mips16 for LuCI build (OpenWrt ticket...
2014-03-02 Matthias Ufererpostinstall script possibility added for meshkit wizard...
2014-03-02 Matthias Ufererimrovements, mcastrate, bssid, country-setting DE
2014-03-02 Matthias Ufererimprovements for leipzig
2014-02-20 Matthias Uferergeocoord Erfurt
2014-02-20 Matthias UfererFreifunk Erfurt neuer Start
2014-02-05 Jo-Philipp Wichbuild: fix clean targets in Makefiles (#667)
2014-01-18 Manuel Munzcommunity-profiles: remove jena
2014-01-03 Matthias Ufererprofile for kyritz (near gadow)
2014-01-03 Matthias Uferertypo for freifunk-gadow
2013-12-13 Matthias Ufererfreifunk altmark new config
2013-12-13 Matthias Ufererwifi netmask for projekt l59 is 8
2013-12-13 Matthias Ufererdisable dhcp at wifi-adhoc for leipzig, l59 and gadow
2013-10-19 Manuel Munzcontrib/meshwizard: Do not enable DHCP on adhoc by...
2013-10-19 Manuel Munzcontrib/community-profiles/augsburg: Enable DHCP on...
2013-10-18 Matthias Ufererwifi changes for gadow/zootzen
2013-10-18 Matthias Ufererwlan changings for leipzig
2013-10-14 Patrick Grimmpackage/freifunk-common: fix for missing...
2013-10-14 Patrick Grimmpackage/freifunk-common: use olsr-jsoninfo
2013-10-05 Manuel Munzcontrib/freifunk-gwcheck: Only run the check when olsrd...