2018-04-12 Felix Fietkauutils: fix build error with g++ master
2018-04-07 Felix Fietkauswitch from typeof to the more portable __typeof__
2018-04-07 Felix Fietkauutils: ensure that byte-order conversion functions...
2018-04-07 Felix Fietkaujshn: fix format string for int64 type
2018-03-21 Felix Fietkauutils: use constant byte-order conversion
2018-02-11 Rosen Penevlibubox: Plug a small memory leak.
2018-02-08 Hans Dedeckersh/ add json_for_each_item()
2018-01-22 Christian Beierjshn: add functionality to read big JSON
2018-01-07 Jo-Philipp... jshn: properly support JSON "null" type
2017-11-06 Christian Beierjshn: read and write 64-bit integers
2017-09-29 Stijn Tintelutils: nuke bitfield functions and macros
2017-09-29 Petar Paradzikuloop: make SIGCHLD signal handling optional
2017-09-15 Michal Sojkauloop: Fix race condition in SIGCHLD handling
2017-06-17 Felix Fietkauuloop: allow passing 0 as timeout to uloop_run
2017-06-17 Felix Fietkauuloop: fix a regression in timeout handling
2017-06-14 Felix Fietkaurunqueue: fix use-after-free bug
2017-06-01 Felix Fietkauuloop: allow specifying a timeout for uloop_run()
2017-06-01 Denis Osvaldjson_script: enable custom expr handler callback
2017-03-20 Yousong Zhoumd5: add "const" qualifier to the "file" argument
2017-02-24 Ted Hesslibubox: Change calloc_a() to return size_t aligned...
2017-02-03 Felix Fietkauuloop: add uloop_cancelling function
2017-01-20 Felix Fietkauutils: fix build on Mac OS X 10.12
2017-01-04 André Gaulblobmsg: add support for double
2016-12-28 Felix Fietkauutils: add helper functions useful for allocating a...
2016-12-24 Rosen Penevlibubox: replace strtok with _r version.
2016-12-13 Florian Eckertlibubox: allow reading out the pid of uloop process...
2016-12-12 Felix Fietkauuloop: remove useless epoll data assignment
2016-12-05 Stijn Cleynhenslibubox: allow reading out the remaining time of a...
2016-11-29 Felix Fietkaublob/blobmsg: add explicit typecasts for attribute...
2016-10-24 Felix Fietkaukvlist: add static initializer macros
2016-07-29 Felix Fietkaulibubox: add static initializer macro for runqueues
2016-07-29 Felix Fietkauavl: add blob comparator function
2016-07-02 Matthias Schifferblobmsg_json: add new functions blobmsg_format_json_value*
2016-06-26 Eyal Birgeruloop: handle waker pipe write() return value
2016-06-26 Matthias Schifferloop: make uloop_run() return the cancelling signal
2016-06-26 Matthias SchifferFix various memory management issues
2016-06-15 Felix Fietkauuloop: add missing waker_pipe initialization
2016-06-15 Yousong Zhouuloop: use a waker for notifying sigchld and loop cance...
2016-05-19 Felix Fietkauuloop: revert signalfd support for now
2016-05-17 Felix Fietkauuloop: add back support for overriding signal handlers...
2016-05-17 Felix Fietkauuloop: fix signal unblocking
2016-05-17 Felix Fietkauuloop: retry waitpid on signal interrupt
2016-05-17 Felix Fietkauuloop: try to use signalfd for signal handling if available
2016-05-17 Felix Fietkauuloop: move epoll code into a separate file
2016-05-17 Felix Fietkauuloop: move kqueue code into a separate file
2016-04-06 Matthias Schifferblobmsg_json: simplify add_separator and fix thread...
2016-03-05 Felix Fietkaujshn: use an avl tree for env variables to speed up...
2016-02-20 Yousong Zhouexamples: add shunit2 tests for json_script
2016-02-20 Yousong Zhoujson_script: add "isdir" support
2016-02-09 Jo-Philipp... blobmsg_json: support json_type_null in blobmsg_add_jso...
2016-01-28 Felix Fietkauusock: implement usock_inet_timeout() with RFC6555...
2016-01-15 Felix Fietkauustream-fd: handle ENOTCONN for read/write on not-yet...
2016-01-15 Felix Fietkaulua: add gc/delete support for processes
2016-01-15 Felix Fietkaulua: create a common function for userdata with gc
2016-01-15 Felix Fietkauusock: add usock_inet, which returns the remote address
2015-11-22 Karl Palssonlibubox: lua: use pkg-config built in module to search...
2015-11-08 Felix Fietkaujson_script: allow non-string types in command arguments
2015-11-06 Felix Fietkaujson_script: add support for aborting script processing
2015-09-15 Sergiy Kibrikulog: avoid accidental /dev/kmsg creation
2015-09-09 Bachtin, Dmitrib64_encode(): fixed input[] not initialized warn under...
2015-09-09 Bachtin, DmitriBuild static version of libblobmsg_json
2015-07-14 Philip Craigustream-fd: handle uloop errors
2015-06-29 Felix Fietkaumd5: include utils.h instead of endian.h to fix portabi...
2015-06-29 Steven Barthmd5: include endian.h for musl, otherwise hashes are...
2015-06-14 Yousong Zhouulog: always use stderr for ulog_stdio().
2015-06-14 Nikolay Dimitrovlibubox: cmake: Add BUILD_EXAMPLES option
2015-06-14 Yousong Zhouustream-fd: stop trying to read when s->read_blocked...
2015-06-14 Yousong Zhouustream-fd: readability change.
2015-06-14 Yousong Zhouustream: tweak ustream_prepare_buf() a bit.
2015-05-10 Yegor Yefremovubox: CMake: fix json-c detection
2015-05-08 Felix Fietkauadd a base64 implementation (based on FreeBSD code)
2015-03-21 John Crispinallow process callback to call uloop_end()
2015-02-26 Jo-Philipp... ulog: implement ulog_close()
2015-02-26 Jo-Philipp... ulog: introduce new simple logging api
2015-01-28 Rafał Miłeckiuloop: ignore SIGPIPE by default
2015-01-21 Yousong Zhouutils: use clock_get_time() for clock_gettime() on...
2015-01-21 Yousong Zhouuloop: optimize uloop_timeout_set() implementaiton...
2015-01-21 Yousong Zhouustream-fd: fix logic invert of write polling.
2015-01-21 Yousong Zhouustream: add function ustream_read().
2015-01-15 Rafał Miłeckiusock: set socket flags right after creating it
2015-01-15 Rafał Miłeckiusock: add helper waiting for socket to be ready
2014-12-22 Yousong Zhouexamples: add example code for json_script.
2014-12-22 Yousong Zhoujson_script: fix logic invert of handle_expr_not().
2014-12-11 Yousong Zhoujson_script: remove unneed argument check before callin...
2014-12-11 Yousong Zhoujson_script: fix eval_string().
2014-12-11 Yousong Zhoujshn: add error handling and fix memory leak in jshn_fo...
2014-12-11 Yousong Zhoublobmsg: remove unneeded assignment in blobmsg_alloc_st...
2014-12-11 Yousong Zhouexamples: fix build.
2014-12-11 Yousong Zhoulua: do not hardcode /opt/local/include for Apple.
2014-12-11 Yousong Zhoulibubox: drop legacy json-c support
2014-11-23 Felix FietkauRevert "jshn: only keep UP_* variables around while...
2014-11-23 Felix Fietkaujshn: shorten JSON_VAR to J_V
2014-11-23 Felix Fietkaujshn: shorten variable names to speed up processing
2014-11-23 Felix Fietkaujshn: remove TYPE_JSON_VAR
2014-11-23 Felix Fietkaujshn: do not export JSON_SEQ
2014-11-23 Felix Fietkaujshn: only keep UP_* variables around while they are...
2014-11-23 Felix Fietkaujshn: improve performance by using let instead of ...
2014-10-24 Felix Fietkaublobmsg_json: avoid redefinition of json_object
2014-10-12 Michel Stamuloop: Do not override signal handlers not installed...
2014-10-12 Michel Stamuloop: Remove uloop_cancelled variable, it is not used...