Make IPv6 support optional
[project/firewall3.git] / iptables.h
2013-05-27 Jo-Philipp WichMake IPv6 support optional
2013-05-27 Jo-Philipp WichAdd abstract fw3_xt_reset() implementation
2013-05-27 Jo-Philipp WichFix compatibility with older libiptc/libip6tc
2013-05-23 Jo-Philipp WichUse weak function pointers to call extension init funct...
2013-05-17 Jo-Philipp WichAdd missing libip6t_REJECT initialization
2013-05-17 Jo-Philipp WichOnly initialize extensions we actually use
2013-05-17 Jo-Philipp WichInclude iptables command and table name in iptables...
2013-05-17 Jo-Philipp WichDrop iptables-restore and create rules through libiptc...
2013-05-13 Jo-Philipp WichUse libiptc to clear current ruleset